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Endfest performance Noodlebar R’dam on Vimeo

Dear people,

Check out the video of my latest performance in R’dam at Noodlebar on Vimeo.

Used gear:

Moog Voyager Modular, Phaedra Ewijk Supersequencer, LXR Drumsynth, Shruthi 4-pole, Waldorf Blofeld, Eventide Space, iPhone 5, Boss RPS-10 & my dear Soundcraft mixer.

Massive thnx to Jose from Grooveline for shooting this video and making this spaced out live footage available. Next live stop: Nijmegen, 21 november, Humanoids at Gas 19 (Address: Vlaamsegas 19). More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/720380128048827/?fref=ts .CU There!

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